Vol 6, Supplement 1 (August 2017): Annals of Palliative Medicine1

Original Article

Relationship between patient-generated subjective global assessment and survival in patients in palliative care
Celina Soares Carvalho, Daiane Spitz Souza, Jessica Rodrigues Lopes, Ivany Alves Castanho, Agnaldo José Lopes
Managing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in head and neck cancer patients receiving cisplatin chemotherapy with concurrent radiation
Jordan Stinson, Kelvin Chan, Justin Lee, Ronald Chow, Paul Cheon, Angie Giotis, Mark Pasetka, Bo Angela Wan, Edward Chow, Carlo DeAngelis
Palliative efficacy and local control of conventional radiotherapy for lung metastases
Christopher Fleming, Andreas Rimner, Amanda Foster, Kaitlin M. Woo, Zhigang Zhang, Abraham J. Wu
Radiotherapy for brain metastases near the end of life in an integrated health care system
Joan J. Ryoo, Michael Batech, Chengyi Zheng, Raymond W. Kim, Michael K. Gould, A. Robert Kagan, Winston W. Lien
Perceptions and types of support coming from families caring for patients suffering from advanced illness in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Jacques Masumbuku Lofandjola, Ernest Kiswaya Sumaili, Philippe Mairiaux, Jean Petermans
Attendance of older patients with bone metastases at a multidisciplinary bone metastases clinic: an 8-year experience
Leah Drost, Vithusha Ganesh, Bo Angela Wan, Albert Yee, Michael Ford, Joel Finkelstein, Elizabeth David, Selina Chow, Edward Chow, Leigha Rowbottom
Plasma L-carnitine levels in terminally ill cancer patients receiving only palliative care
Akiyuki Sakamoto, Yoshiko Tsukahara, Daisuke Gomi, Toshirou Fukushima, Takashi Kobayashi, Hirohide Matsushita, Nodoka Sekiguchi, Keiko Mamiya, Tomonobu Koizumi
Covered biliary stents with proximal bare stent extension for the palliation of malignant biliary disease: can we reduce tumour overgrowth rate?
Miltiadis Krokidis, Adam Hatzidakis

Original Article on Palliative Radiotherapy2

Quality of life in responders after palliative radiation therapy for painful bone metastases using EORTC QLQ-C30 and EORTC QLQ-BM22: results of a Brazilian cohort
Lucas C. Mendez, Srinivas Raman, Bo Angela Wan, José Luiz Padilha da Silva, Fábio Y. Moraes, Kennya M. L. B. Lima, Maurício F. Silva, Maria Del Pilar Estevez Diz, Edward Chow, Gustavo Nader Marta
Do patients receiving pelvic radiation and anti-emetics experience diarrhea and/or constipation?
Leah Drost, Vithusha Ganesh, Bo Angela Wan, Carlo DeAngelis, Mark Pasetka, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Hans Chung, Edward Chow

Original Article on Surgical Palliative Care3

Patients’ perceptions of palliative surgical procedures: a qualitative analysis
Trevor D. Hamilton, Debbie Selby, Melanie E. Tsang, Audrey Kim, Frances C. Wright

Case Report

Clinical presentations of below knee bone metastases: a case series
Matthew Choi, Linda Probyn, Leigha Rowbottom, Rachel McDonald, Adam Bobrowski, Stephanie Chan, Pearl Zaki, Angela Turner, Edward Chow
Challenging equipotency calculation for hydromorphone after long-term intravenous application
Benjamin Luchting, Banafscheh Rachinger-Adam, Nikolai Hulde, Jens Heyn, Shahnaz Christina Azad
Challenges and successes in non-operative management of high-grade malignant bowel obstruction
Sandhya K. Mudumbi, Erica V. Leonard, Keith M. Swetz


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