Analysis of daily goal sheets on physician-nurse collaboration attitude

Xin Qian, Li Jun Li, Yi Yu Zhuang, Yu Cai Hong, Zhong Heng Zhang, Li Feng Xing, Ning Liu, Hong Chao Li, Ru Jin Zhang, Fu-Chih Lai, Charles B. Simone II, Edward Chow, Written on behalf of AME Nursing Research Collaborative Group


Background: Optimal communication and collaboration between inter-disciplinary health care providers is critical to ensuring high quality patient care. We aimed to quantify the impact on physician-nurse collaboration (PNC) of implementing daily goal sheets (DGSs) in emergency settings.
Methods: The usage of a DGS was administered in morning rounds in an emergency intensive care unit (ICU) for four consecutive months. A Jefferson Scale of Attitudes Toward Physician-Nurse Collaboration (JSAPNC) form was used before (n=113) and after (n=107) the intervention to evaluate the attitudes of PNCs from the perspective of both physicians and nurses.
Results: There is a significant positive relation between the attitude to PNC and the participant age, educational background, and professional rank and title before DGS application (P<0.01 for each), whereas there was no significant difference observed after the initiation of the DGS.
Conclusions: The use of a DGS improves physician-nurse collaborations in emergency care settings.