Patsy Yates, PhD, RN, FRCNA

School of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

Patsy holds an appointment as Professor of Nursing with the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at Queensland University of Technology. She leads a program of research aimed at improving quality of life for people with cancer, having completed studies evaluating interventions for people experiencing cancer-related symptoms. Patsy has received numerous awards in recognition of her research and service, including the Tom Reeve Oration Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Care and Life Membership for the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia.

She was National Chair for the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, and has served as member of the Executive Committee and Council of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee for Palliative Care Australia, the Board of Directors for the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and the Board of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre.