Theresa T K Lai, DHSc, IMDHA, IFA, RM, RN

Palliative Medical Unit, Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong, China

Dr. Theresa TK Lai is a Nurse Consultant in the Palliative Medical Unit of Grantham Hospital in Hong Kong. She graduated from the School of Nursing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and received her Master of Nursing and Doctor of Health Science in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She became a registered nurse, registered midwife, qualified aromatherapist (IFA), and clinical hypnotherapist (IMDHA) and specialized in palliative care.

As an experienced palliative care nurse with extensive training exposure in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Dr. Lai is an expert in handling terminally ill patients and their family members using holistic approaches. She has designed and delivered a range of nurse training programs at different levels. She was elected as chairperson of Hong Kong Palliative Nursing Association, clinical governance committee member of the Jockey Club Home for Hospice. She has extensive research experience in aromatherapy, meaning-focused intervention, and palliative-related issues. The current research interests of Dr. Lai include physical therapies, mind-body interventions, psycho-oncology and non-cancer palliative care.

Dr. Lai joined Grantham Hospital in March 2013. She now focuses on advanced clinical practice, education and training, clinical research, and service development of palliative care in the Hong Kong West Cluster of Hospital Authority.