Robert M. Arnold, MD

Division of General Internal Medicine, Section of Palliative Care and Medical Ethics, Montefiore University Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dr. Robert M. Arnold is Professor of Medicine and Chief of Section of Palliative Care and Medical Ethics. He is also Director of Institute for Doctor-Patient Communication, Leo H Criep Chair in Patient Care and Medical Director of UPMC Palliative and Supportive Institute. Dr. Arnold got his BA in Biology and Philosophy and MD from University of Missouri.

Dr. Arnold's research and educational activities focus on teaching ethics to residents, improving doctor-patient communication regarding palliative care, and changing the culture by developing educational programs in specialties ranging from oncology to critical care medicine. Dr. Arnold is currently developing a structured curriculum on doctor-patient communication for fellows in critical care and trying to better understand the barriers to communication. His clinical activities focus on providing palliative care consults in a tertiary care hospital and providing primary care to HIV-seropositive inpatients. He was the president of the America Society of Bioethics and Humanities and of the American Association of Palliative and Hospice Medicine.

Terms of Appointment: Jan 2013 - Jun 2019; Jul 2019 - Jun 2021