Longping Peng, MMed (Urology)

Center of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Jinling Hospital,Nanjing,China

I am a master degree candidate in Department of Urology in southern medical university and now do research in Nanjing Jinling Hospital about male infertility and the diagnosis and treatment of male diseases. 

I used to worked in the Department of Urology of Ganzhou People's Hospital, Jiangxi Province, and have a certain understanding of bladder cancer and kidney cancer. I have participated in the operation of Laparoscopic cystectomy with ileal conduit diversion of many cases of patients with bladder cancer and comparison of partial nephrectomy surgery and radical nephrectomy of patients with kidney tumors. I have certain experience in holmium laser and ultrasonic knife in the treatment of andrological and urological diseases. I have also studied palliative radiotherapy in the treatment of urinary tract tumors. I hope this approach will enable more urinary tract tumor patients to relieve the pain and prolong their lives.