Vol 7, No 3 (July 2018): Annals of Palliative Medicine (Neurology Palliative Care Service: Development & Clinical Outcomes)

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

The current state of neuro-palliative care
Charles B. Simone II

Review Article

“Triggers” for referral to neurology palliative care service
Richard Shek-kwan Chang, Wai Shuen Poon
Palliative care for Parkinson’s disease
Jeffrey Sheung Ching Ng
Challenges and ethical issues in the course of palliative care management for people living with advanced neurologic diseases
Varun Sreenivasan, Christa O’Hana S. Nobleza
Supportive & palliative interventions in motor neurone disease: what we know from current literature?
Hon Wai Benjamin Cheng, Kwok Ying Chan, Yuen Kwan Judy Chung, Chun Wai Choi, Chun Hung Chan, Shuk Ching Cheng, Wan Hung Chan, Koon Sim Fung, Kar Yin Wong, Oi Man Iman Chan, Ching Wah Man

Original Article

Prognostic indicators of neuromuscular disorders for palliative care referral
Richard Shek-Kwan Chang, Yuen Kwun Wong
Implementation issues relevant to outpatient neurology palliative care
Benzi M. Kluger, Michael J. Persenaire, Samantha K. Holden, Laura T. Palmer, Hannah M. Redwine, Julie Berk, C. Alan Anderson, Christopher M. Filley, Jean Kutner, Janis Miyasaki, Julie Carter
Advance care planning for patients with advanced neurology diseases
Ka-Chi Cheung, Vikki Wai-Kee Lau, Ka-Chun Un, Man-Sheung Wong, Kwok-Ying Chan

Letter to the Editor

Embracing the setting sun: provision of palliative care via a collaborative model between hospital and community for patients with intellectual disabilities
Cho Wing Li, Yuk Chun Wong, Yiu Man Lo, Mau Kwong Sham, Hon Wai Cheng, Theresa Lai, Wai Kee Lau, Kwok Ying Chan