Vol 5, No 3 (July 2016): Annals of Palliative Medicine

Original Article

Child’s symptom burden and depressive symptoms among caregivers of children with cancers: an argument for early integration of pediatric palliative care
Andrew Toyin Olagunju, Foluke Oladele Sarimiye, Tinuke Oluwasefunmi Olagunju, Muhammad Yaqub Murtazha Habeebu, Olatunji Francis Aina
CanSupport: a model for home-based palliative care delivery in India
Alyssa Yeager, Anna W. LaVigne, Ambika Rajvanshi, Birbal Mahato, Ravinder Mohan, Reena Sharma, Surbhi Grover
Olanzapine for the prophylaxis and rescue of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV): a retrospective study
Leonard Chiu, Nicholas Chiu, Ronald Chow, Liying Zhang, Mark Pasetka, Jordan Stinson, Breanne Lechner, Natalie Pulenzas, Sunil Verma, Edward Chow, Carlo DeAngelis
Quality of life with Brain Symptom and Impact Questionnaire in patients with brain metastases
Ronald Chow, Saurabh Ray, May Tsao, Natalie Pulenzas, Liying Zhang, Arjun Sahgal, David Cella, Hany Soliman, Cyril Danjoux, Carlo DeAngelis, Sherlyn Vuong, Rachel McDonald, Edward Chow
Translation into Portuguese, cross-cultural adaptation and validation of “The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer—Quality of Life Questionnaire—Bone Metastases-22”
Natália Miki-Rosário, Reynaldo Jesus Garcia Filho, Jairo Greco Garcia, Gal Moreira Dini, Andrew Bottomley, Edward Chow, Miguel Sabino Neto

Palliative Radiotherapy Column (Review Article)1

The power of integration: radiotherapy and global palliative care
Danielle Rodin, Surbhi Grover, Shekinah N. Elmore, Felicia M. Knaul, Rifat Atun, Lisa Caulley, Cristian A. Herrera, Joshua A. Jones, Aryeh J. Price, Anusheel Munshi, Ajeet K. Gandhi, Chiman Shah, Mary Gospodarowicz

Technical Note

Community-based participatory research: understanding a promising approach to addressing knowledge gaps in palliative care
Catherine Riffin, Cara Kenien, Angela Ghesquiere, Ashley Dorime, Carolina Villanueva, Daniel Gardner, Jean Callahan, Elizabeth Capezuti, M. Carrington Reid

Case Report

Solitary brain metastasis from prostate cancer: a case report
Tasneem Barakat, Arnav Agarwal, Rachel McDonald, Vithusha Ganesh, Sherlyn Vuong, Michael Borean, Edward Chow, Hany Soliman
Pelvic insufficiency fractures in women following radiation treatment: a case series
Stephanie Chan, Leigha Rowbottom, Rachel McDonald, Elizabeth David, Hans Chung, Albert Yee, Angela Turner, Edward Chow


1. The series “Palliative Radiotherapy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Palliative Medicine without any sponsorship or funding.