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Original Article

A fetal diagnostic center’s referral rate for perinatal palliative care
Krishelle L. Marc-Aurele, Andrew D. Hull, Marilyn C. Jones, Dolores H. Pretorius
The development of neurology palliative care service for motor neuron disease (MND) patients: Hong Kong experience
Hon Wai Benjamin Cheng, Wai Tsan Tracy Chen, Chun Kwok Angus Chu, Savio Lee, Joo Shium Lee, Yeuk Fai Hong, Yuen Kwan Judy Chung
Prognostic indicators of neuromuscular disorders for palliative care referral
Richard Shek-Kwan Chang, Yuen Kwun Wong
Advance care planning for patients with advanced neurology diseases
Ka-Chi Cheung, Vikki Wai-Kee Lau, Ka-Chun Un, Man-Sheung Wong, Kwok-Ying Chan
PROutine: a feasibility study assessing surveillance of electronic patient reported outcomes and adherence via smartphone app in advanced cancer
Gesine Benze, Friedemann Nauck, Bernd Alt-Epping, Giuseppe Gianni, Thomas Bauknecht, Johannes Ettl, Anna Munte, Luisa Kretzschmar, Jan Gaertner
Longevity after radiotherapy of stage III lung cancer: superior vena cava obstruction is associated with early mortality
Federico L. Ampil, Gloria Caldito, Srinivas Devarakonda, Moiz Vora, Glenn Mills, Shawn Milligan
Implementation issues relevant to outpatient neurology palliative care
Benzi M. Kluger, Michael J. Persenaire, Samantha K. Holden, Laura T. Palmer, Hannah Redwine, Julie Berk, C. Alan Anderson, Christopher M. Filley, Jean Kutner, Janis Miyasaki, Julie Carter
Impact of a dedicated palliative radiation oncology service on the use of single fraction and hypofractionated radiation therapy among patients with bone metastases
Sonia Skamene, Isha Agarwal, Maggie Makar, Monica Krishnan, Alex Spektor, Lauren Hertan, Kent W. Mouw, Allison Taylor, Sarah Noveroske Philbrick, Tracy Balboni
Symptom clusters using the EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL in palliative radiotherapy
Vithusha Ganesh, Liying Zhang, Bo Angela Wan, Leah Drost, May Tsao, Elizabeth Barnes, Carlo DeAngelis, Hans Chung, Patrick Diaz, Edward Chow
All with You: a new method for developing compassionate communities—experiences in Spain and Latin-America
Silvia Librada Flores, Emilio Herrera Molina, Jaime Boceta Osuna, Rafael Mota Vargas, María Nabal Vicuña

Review Article

“Triggers” for referral to neurology palliative care service
Richard Shek-kwan Chang, Wai Shuen Poon
Challenges and ethical issues in the course of palliative care management for people living with advanced neurologic diseases
Varun Sreenivasan, Christa O’Hana S. Nobleza
Supportive & palliative interventions in motor neurone disease: what we know from current literature?
Hon Wai Benjamin Cheng, Kwok Ying Chan, Yuen Kwan Judy Chung, Chun Wai Choi, Chun Hung Chan, Shuk Ching Cheng, Wan Hung Chan, Koon Sim Fung, Kar Yin Wong, Oi Man Iman Chan, Ching Wah Man
Anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms in palliative care: from neuro-psychobiological response to stress, to symptoms’ management with clinical hypnosis and meditative states
Anirudh Kumar Satsangi, Maria Paola Brugnoli
Sexual healthcare for cancer patients receiving palliative care: a narrative review
Katie Wang, Krista Ariello, Matthew Choi, Angela Turner, Bo Angela Wan, Caitlin Yee, Leigha Rowbottom, Rachel Macdonald, Henry Lam, Leah Drost, Edward Chow
Bleeding in cancer patients and its treatment: a review
Candice Johnstone, Shayna E. Rich
Palliative care for Parkinson’s disease
Jeffrey Sheung Ching Ng

Letter to the Editor

Embracing the setting sun: provision of palliative care via a collaborative model between hospital and community for patients with intellectual disabilities
Cho Wing Li, Yuk Chun Wong, Yiu Man Lo, Mau Kwong Sham, Hon Wai Cheng, Theresa Lai, Wai Kee Lau, Kwok Ying Chan