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Case Report

Advanced lung adenocarcinoma with coexistent HER2 mutation and amplification and response to afatinib: a case report
Xiaona Liu, Yuqing Cao, Yuxin Li, Xiumei Duan


Addressing spiritual well-being as a means of improving quality of life in Parkinson disease
Molly M. Kilpatrick, Maisha T. Robinson
Patients with Parkinson’s disease need spiritual care
Piret Paal, Stefan Lorenzl
Lupus podocytopathy: a newly emerging nonimmune complex mediated nephropathy associated with systemic lupus erythematosus
Jinil Yoo, Donald Baumstein
Improving access to palliative care for persons with Parkinson disease
Usha Ramanathan, Peter Tanuseputro
Home visits for Parkinson disease–a window into a murky situation
Indu Subramanian
Malignant ascites drainage with indwelling abdominal catheters: can we predict and prevent infection complication?
Maciej Stukan

Editorial Commentary

OlympiAD trial: moving to a next level of treatment for patients with BRCA mutation and her2-negative metastatic breast cancer
Alejandro Martin Sanchez, Armando Orlandi, Gianluca Franceschini, Flavia De Lauretis, Daniela Terribile, Antonio Franco, Riccardo Masetti

Original Article

A retrospective review for the use of palliative sedation in a regional hospital in Hong Kong
Winnie Wing-Yan Tin, Sing-Hung Lo, Frank Chi-Sing Wong
Factors correlating with shorter survival after treatment: aiding oncologists to choose who (not) to receive palliative systemic therapy
Pui Ying Patty Ho, Ho Fun Victor Lee
The use of ketamine in the management of refractory cancer pain in a palliative care unit
Ka Wai Alice Cheung, Po Chung Chan, Sing Hung Lo
Interdisciplinary palliative care for people with advanced Parkinson’s disease: a view from the home
Jori E. Fleisher, Ellen C. Klostermann, Serena P. Hess, Jeanette Lee, Erica Myrick, Joshua Chodosh
Correlates of spiritual wellbeing in persons living with Parkinson disease
Lindsay Penny Prizer, Benzi M. Kluger, Stefan Sillau, Maya Katz, Nicholas Galifianakis, Janis M. Miyasaki
Clinical outcome and toxicity for immunotherapy treatment in metastatic cancer patients
Kin Sang Lau, Ronald Liu, Cheuk Cheuk Wong, Wai Kwan Steven Siu, Kwok Keung Yuen
Patient and caregiver characteristics associated with caregiver burden in Parkinson’s disease: a palliative care approach
Zachary A. Macchi, Claire E. Koljack, Janis M. Miyasaki, Maya Katz, Nick Galifianakis, Lindsay P. Prizer, Stefan H. Sillau, Benzi M. Kluger
Patterns and infection outcomes of bacterial colonization in patients with indwelling abdominal drains for malignant ascites
Po Chung Chan, Ka Wai Alice Cheung, Chun Hung Chan, Lie Meng Hwang, Sing Hung Lo
Expectation of the place of care and place of death of terminal cancer patients in Hong Kong: a hospital based cross-sectional questionnaire survey
Nga Yan Yeung
Optimizing future planning in Parkinson disease: suggestions for a comprehensive roadmap from patients and care partners
Sarah R. Jordan, Benzi Kluger, Roman Ayele, Adreanne Brungardt, Anne Hall, Jacqueline Jones, Maya Katz, Janis M. Miyasaki, Hillary D. Lum
A cross-sectional study on the attitudes and perceptions of outpatients towards palliative care at the Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital Hospice Centre
Margaret Kay Ho, Crystal Cheuk Yiu Hsue, Cheng Heng Nicholas Lai, Kwun Ting Chan, Cheuk Nam Cheng, Chun Fung Chow, Ka Ho Lui, Shireen Rashed, Elaine Wong, Wai Yan Yu, Vanessa H. M. Cheung, Steven W. K. Siu, Mei-Ling Ho, Kwok-Keung Yuen, Amy Tien Yee Chang
Epigallocatechin gallate reduces uric acid levels by regulating xanthine oxidase activity and uric acid excretion in vitro and in vivo
Fang Li, Yaping Liu, Yongyan Xie, Zhiyong Liu, Guoming Zou

Review Article

Multiple bone metastases: what the palliative care specialist should know about the potential, limitations and practical aspects of radiation therapy
May N. Tsao, Elizabeth A. Barnes, Edward Chow
Fighting diagnostic and therapeutic nihilism in the elderly with cancer
Ewelina Biskup, Marcus Vetter, Ulrich Wedding
Role of bone-modifying agents in advanced cancer
Danielle N. Desautels, Craig H. Harlos, Katarzyna J. Jerzak
Cutaneous toxicities of new targeted cancer therapies: must know for diagnosis, management, and patient-proxy empowerment
Thomas McFarlane, Noor Rehman, Katie Wang, Jenny Lee, Caitlin Carter
Palliative care in Parkinson’s disease: review of needs assessment tools
Edward W. Richfield, Miriam J. Johnson
The impact of early palliative care: a medical oncologist’s perspective
William Raskin
Opioid utility function: methods and implications
Cornelis Jan van Dam, Marijke Hyke Algera, Erik Olofsen, Leon Aarts, Terry Smith, Monique van Velzen, Elise Sarton, Marieke Niesters, Albert Dahan
Telehealth increases access to palliative care for people with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
Maya Katz
Palliative care and Parkinson’s disease: outpatient needs and models of care over the disease trajectory
Christopher G. Tarolli, Robert G. Holloway
Opioid utility for dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a complicated and controversial story
Nicholas T. Vozoris
Combining opioids and benzodiazepines: effects on mortality and severe adverse respiratory events
Martijn Boon, Eveline van Dorp, Suzanne Broens, Frank Overdyk
Specialist palliative care for Parkinson’s disease
David Oliver, Simone Veronese
Tapering opioids: a comprehensive qualitative review
Mellar P. Davis, Glen Digwood, Zankhana Mehta, Mary Lynn McPherson


Fighting the novel coronavirus: the publication of the Chinese expert consensus on the perinatal and neonatal management for the prevention and control of the 2019 novel coronavirus infection (First edition)
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