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Case Report

Gastrolithiasis with incomplete intestinal obstruction in the perioperative period of percutaneous transluminal coronary intervention: one case report
Haijiao Sun, Chang Gao, Xuhui Wei
Immunotherapy-related skeletal muscle weakness in cancer patients: a case series
Amy H. Ng, Diana M. Molinares, An T. Ngo-Huang, Eduardo Bruera
Rashes following cesarean delivery: a case report
Jiwei Huang, Ximei Zhu, Caiyun Jiang, Zhuying Liu, Weifeng Zheng
Acinar with ductal and mucinous adenocarcinoma of prostate cancer complicated with lung metastasis: a case report and literature review
Yankang Cui, Chenkui Miao, Aiming Xu, Zengjun Wang, Bianjiang Liu
A case report of rash induced by cefoperazone sodium and sulbactam sodium plus metronidazole sodium chloride combined with morphine hydrochloride
Jiwei Huang, Ximei Zhu, Caiyun Jiang, Zhuying Liu
Nivolumab in combination with anlotinib achieved remarkable efficacy in a patient with driver-negative lung squamous cell carcinoma and PS of 4
Yanning Wang, Qianning Zhang, Liyun Miao, Yujie Zhou
A case report of sustained clinical remission in patients with locally advanced lung adenocarcinoma after sequential immunotherapy following concurrent chemoradiotherapy
Weilin Chen, Haoyi Zhang, Weifeng Huang, Tingting Lan
Treatment of refractory gout with TNF-α antagonist etanercept combined with febuxostat
Yan Zhang, Runzhou Pan, Yao Xu, Yongcai Zhao
Applying the ICF-CY in visually impaired rehabilitation: a case report in China
Bingbing Li, Yang Yu, Jianmin Hu
Pulmonary benign metastasizing leiomyoma: a case report and literature review
Hao Jiang, Li Ma, Xiao-Wei Qi, Li-Zhen Yan, Hai-Xia Feng, Li-Jun Suo, Bo Liu
Neoadjuvant immunotherapy plus chemotherapy achieved pathologic complete response in stage IIIB lung adenocarcinoma harbored EGFR G779F: a case report
Yadong Wang, Xiaoying Yang, Xu Tian, Ziqi Jia, Zhongxing Bing, Lei Cao, Chao Gao, Zhili Cao, Shanqing Li, Naixin Liang
Case report: tracheoesophageal fistula secondary to post- intubation tracheomegaly in a tetanus patient
Weisheng Chen, Jiaxin Li, Ronghua Deng, Chunbo Chen
Colchicine poisoning complicated by medulla oblongata myelinolysis: a case report
Wei Jiang, Xuan-Yu Tan, Jia-Ai Li, Kang Qu, Peng Yu, Ming Dong
Invasive angiomyxoma diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound: a case report
Xue Yang, Liang Zhang, Wei Zhao, Yuzhu Zhang, Jing Yu
Multi-line treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors enabled in 4-year survival for patient with stage IV lung adenocarcinoma: a case report
Yan Yin, Jianwen Qin
Successful thrombolytic therapy in acute ischemic stroke after reversal of warfarin: a case report
Gang Qiu, Yi-Dan Yan, Xue-Feng Zhang, Ming Shen, Jiao Qian, Xiao-Dong Ma, Zhi-Chun Gu
A heavily pre-treated adenocarcinoma patient with EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation responded to pembrolizumab plus nab-paclitaxel/bevacizumab: a case report
Xiaojie Huang, Yan Yang, Pingli Wang, Han Han-Zhang, Liren Ding
The combination of camrelizumab and apatinib obtained ongoing partial remission for a patient with osimertinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancer: case report
Xiufeng Cong, Jun Chen, Wei Zheng
An HIV-infected patient with coronavirus disease 2019 has a favourable prognosis: a case report
Chong Tian, Lei Tang, Jiahong Wu, Wuchao Li, Xing Ming, Hourong Zhou, Weidong Wu, Xianchun Zeng
Medically inoperable Merkel cell carcinoma of the head and neck treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy: a case report
Jie Wei Zhu, Lilian Doerwald-Munoz, Justin Wann-Yee Lee
Acute hemorrhagic necrotizing enteritis: a case report and review of the literature
Shaoxiong Zeng, Christ-Jonathan Tsia Hin Fong, Leijia Li, Yanping Liang, Qiong Liang, Bo Wei, Jin Tao
Primary hypothyroidism with pituitary hyperplasia characterized by hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: a case report and review of the literature
Wenshu Yu, Na Wu
Coexistence of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis and membranous nephropathy: a case report
Menghan Gao, Jing Wang, Dan Dong, Yang Liu, Weixia Sun, Zhonggao Xu, Hang Yuan
Fat-poor renal angiomyolipoma combined with pseudoaneurysm: a case report
Jing Chong, Junpeng Zhang, Chunping Ning, Liang Zhang, Wei Zhao, Yongmei Sun
Bloodstream infection caused by Yersinia enterocolitica in a host with ankylosing spondylitis: a case report and literature review
Yang-Xi Liu, Han Zhong, Ke-Jia Le, Min Cui
High tumor mutation burden in a patient with metastatic gastric cancer sensitive to trastuzumab: a case report
Chun-Ting Hu, Yi-Chen Zhou, Li-Dong Zu, Guo-Hui Fu, Qi Li
An unusual increase of D-dimer level—pylephlebitis caused by acute appendicitis
Weiqi Wang, Siyin Chen, Wenqiang Li, Jun Qu
Palliative ketamine: the use of ketamine in central post-stroke pain syndrome—a case report
Rachel Angstadt, Shawn Esperti, Andrew Mangano, Stephen Meyer
Treatment on arrhythmia electric storm in a Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome patient by ablation of the triggering premature ventricular contraction: a case report
Ruiqi Zhang, Chandong Ding, Hui Wang
Large pulmonary cavity in COVID-19 cured patient case report
Ying Chen, Wanling Chen, Jiansheng Zhou, Cong Sun, Yujie Lei
Pseudotumor and repeated dislocation after total hip arthroplasty with ceramic-on-metal bearing: a case report
Yin-Qiao Du, Tao Luo, Jing-Yang Sun, Hai-Yang Ma, Ming Ni, Yong-Gang Zhou
Convulsive status epilepticus as the initial presentation of superwarfarin poisoning: a case report
Linpei Jia, Rufu Jia, Hong-Liang Zhang
Pneumonia caused by crizotinib: case report and review of literature
Xiaoli Gou, Cheng Yuan, Yuju Bai, Lei Shi, Shiyun Xing, Hu Ma
A late-onset male Fabry disease patient with somatic mosaicism of a classical GLA mutation: a case report
Eun Hui Bae, Jong Moon Choi, Chang Seok Ki, Seong Kwon Ma, Han-Wook Yoo, Soo Wan Kim
Complete and enduring response in an elderly patient with repeated recurrent gingival squamous cell carcinoma treated by combined toripalimab and single agent chemotherapy: a case report
Qiuji Wu, Shuyuan Zhang, Xinying Hua, Haijun Yu, Yahua Zhong
Prolonged shedding of SARS-CoV-2 in an elderly liver transplant patient infected by COVID-19: a case report
Lai Wei, Bin Liu, Yuanyuan Zhao, Zhishui Chen
Endoscopic vacuum therapy for cervical leakage following esophagectomy under monitored anesthesia care: a case report
Seyeon Park, Bong Soo Son, Hyeonsoo Park, Hye-Jin Kim, Soon Ji Park, Hee Young Kim
Peripheral nerve field stimulation successfully manages axial pain after posterior cervical spine surgery: case report
Hiroaki Owada, Masahiko Sumitani, Reo Inoue, Mariko Kawashima, Kazuhiko Ishii, Masahiro Shin, Kanji Uchida
An ALK-positive lung adenocarcinoma with gastric and skin metastasis: a case report and literature review
Xueqin Duan, Xinhan Zhao, Shuhong Wang
Percutaneous kyphoplasty for a patient of thoracolumbar osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures with distal lumbosacral pain
Yue-Peng Fang, Ying-Jie Lu, Min-Feng Gan, Xu Shen, Dongdong Lu
Mid-back pain due to a penetrating atherosclerotic aortic ulcer: do not miss the diagnosis—a case report
Jong Hyun Baek, Kyu Hwan Choi, Tae Uk Kim, Min Cheol Chang
Primary pulmonary artery sarcoma with intrapulmonary metastases based on PET/CT imaging: a case report and literature review
Bo Pan, Shi-Cun Wang, Zong-Ke Chen, Xi Chen
Successful deliveries of uterine prolapse in two primigravid women after obstetric management and perinatal care: case reports and literature review
Kana Wang, Jian Zhang, Tingting Xu, Haiyan Yu, Xiaodong Wang
Pelvic gauze packing combined with an external fixator for the treatment of unstable pelvic fractures with a huge retroperitoneal hematoma: a case report
Haibo Yu, Haifeng Huang, Yibing Jin
A rare case of indolent B cell lymphoma with massive pleural effusion as the initial presentation
Xiaolin Zhang, Mangju Wang, Xinmin Liu
Management challenges at end-of-life in a patient with agitated delirium and benzodiazepine withdrawal at comprehensive cancer care center
Sola Kim, Ali Haider, Akhila Reddy, Eduardo Bruera
Diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 in patients with corticobasal degeneration: a case report
Hee Sup Chung, Seung Min Kim, Min Cheol Chang, You Gyoung Yi, Hyo Jung Kang, Dae Hyun Kim, Kyung Hee Do
Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a case report
Xingbin Dai, Fang Tian, Zuqiong Xu, Xiangtu Kong, Pengjun Jiang, Wen Xia, Xuejun Zhu
Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy with esophageal sarcomatoid carcinoma: a case report
Maoyuan Zhao, Yanru Du, Qing Peng, Zhouguang Hui
Plasmapheresis in the treatment of multi-drug intoxication involving levothyroxine sodium and calcium channel blockers: a case report
Ran Li, Yong-Wei Xu, Ying Xue, Xian-Zheng Wu
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): two case reports from a family cluster
Lei Tang, Zheng Ye, Zixing Huang, Xianchun Zeng, Tao Wang, Rui Xu, Rongpin Wang, Bin Song

Original Article

A retrospective review for the use of palliative sedation in a regional hospital in Hong Kong
Winnie Wing-Yan Tin, Sing-Hung Lo, Frank Chi-Sing Wong
Factors correlating with shorter survival after treatment: aiding oncologists to choose who (not) to receive palliative systemic therapy
Pui Ying Patty Ho, Ho Fun Victor Lee
The use of ketamine in the management of refractory cancer pain in a palliative care unit
Ka Wai Alice Cheung, Po Chung Chan, Sing Hung Lo
Clinical outcome and toxicity for immunotherapy treatment in metastatic cancer patients
Kin Sang Lau, Ronald Liu, Cheuk Cheuk Wong, Wai Kwan Steven Siu, Kwok Keung Yuen
Prophylactic effect of rectal indomethacin plus nitroglycerin administration for preventing pancreatitis after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in female patients
Yunfeng Wang, Bin Xu, Wenzhong Zhang, Jie Lin, Gang Li, Wei Qiu, Yueming Wang, Duo Sun, Yongbing Wang
Checkpoint inhibitor pneumonitis in Chinese lung cancer patients: clinical characteristics and risk factors
Chen Zhang, Fangyan Gao, Shidai Jin, Wen Gao, Shuangjing Chen, Renhua Guo
Multiple combination therapy based on intrathecal pemetrexed in non-small cell lung cancer patients with refractory leptomeningeal metastasis
Qian Miao, Xiaobin Zheng, Longfeng Zhang, Kan Jiang, Biao Wu, Gen Lin
A comparison of the safety and efficacy of polyethylene glycol 4000 and lactulose for the treatment of constipation in pregnant women: a randomized controlled clinical study
Hang Li, Pingfang Zhang, Yuzheng Xue
Carotid arterial hemodynamics in patients with essential hypertension of different dialectical types of traditional Chinese medicine
Peng Zhang, Yanjun Cui, Xuesong Yang, Xiaoxia Zhao, Meiying Jin, Lei Li
The effect of physician educational intervention on venous thromboembolism pharmacological prophylaxis in medical inpatients from the respiratory department: a retrospective cohort study
Hanqi Wang, Yalin Pan, Tongtong Chen, Liuping Chen, Haiying Lv, Erzhen Chen, Jieming Qu, Wei Tang, Wanying Xu, Yong Lu
CT-guided percutaneous minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation for the relief of cancer related pain from metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients: a retrospective study
Xiaoyun Zhou, Hongsen Li, Qing Qiao, Hongming Pan, Yong Fang
Coronavirus disease (COVID 2019): protocol for a living overview of systematic reviews
Cuncun Lu, Tingting Lu, Bei Pan, Qi Wang, Liangying Hou, Qian Zhang, Yunhua Wang, Yihui Wang, Xiuxia Li, Yue Ruan, Lian Chen, Honghao Lai, Tianzhu Qin, Long Ge, Kehu Yan
The mental health of Chinese healthcare staff in non-epicenter of COVID-19: a cross-sectional study
Ling Zhang, Shiping Wang, Jing Shen, Ying Wang, Xiuhua Huang, Fang Wu, Xingli Zheng, Ping Zeng, Dan Qiu
Effects of early enteral nutrition on the prognosis of patients with sepsis: secondary analysis of acute gastrointestinal injury study
Yongpo Jiang, Bangchuan Hu, Sheng Zhang, Minjie Cai, Xiaoqiong Chu, Dan Zheng, Minjuan Lou, Ke Cui, Mengqin Zhang, Renhua Sun, Ronghai Lin
Diabetes health management strategy based on internet plus graded diagnosis and treatment strategy
Guiwen Liang, Haiyan Jiang, Chunxia Huang, Xianfeng Que, Jianzhong Tang, Juying Lu, Jianlin Gao
Comparative efficacy between monoclonal antibodies and conventional drugs in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: a network meta-analysis
Qingtao Jiang, Feng Zhang, Baoli Zhu, Hengdong Zhang, Lei Han, Xin Liu
Myocardium injury biomarkers predict prognosis of critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients
Liang Cao, Sha Zhang, Xi Luo, Enxin Wang, Yang Bai, Zhe Li, Feng Li, Jing Ma, Haitao Liu
The upper eyelid levator weakening procedure for the correction of severe cicatricial entropion caused by trachoma
Yan Wang, Yuan Yuan, Long Pang, Bo Qiu, Dongying Su, Xiaoying Guan, Xiaolan Xiang, Jianhao Li
The efficiency and safety of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis
Shanshan Zhang, Minghong Bi
Effects of electroacupuncture at different acupoints on the histomorphology of neurogenic bladder and the expression of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels in interstitial cells of Cajal in a rat model of suprasacral spinal cord injury
Jun-Yan Lu, Xin-Wang Ying, Xiao-Long Chen, Wen-Zhan Tu, Si-Si Li, Song-He Jiang
Relationship between CD177 and the vasculogenic mimicry, clinicopathological parameters, and prognosis of epithelial ovarian cancer
Jing Jiang, Yan Chen, Miao Zhang, Honggui Zhou, Hong Wu
Factors for peripherally inserted central catheters care delay in cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
Liyang Hu, Hongmei Tao, Xiaolu Xu, Hui Chen, Kejie Chang, Xiaofeng Pei, Fen Hao, Lanman He, Yanni Chen, Zibin Liang, Tongtong Luo, Zhong Lin, Weize Lv, Fengjiao Long
The clinical value of multimodal ultrasound for the evaluation of disease activity and complications in inflammatory bowel disease
Chao Ma, Peng-Ling Huang, Nan Kang, Jie Zhang, Ming Xiao, Jia-Yu Zhang, Xiao-Cang Cao, Xiang-Chen Dai
Efficacy of high intensity focused ultrasound treatment for cystic adenomyosis: a report of four cases
Xiao-Jing Zhou, Zhi-Ming Zhao, Peng Liu, Cong-Ying Zhao, Yu-Jie Lin, Ying Liu, Min Wang, Cai Tian, Hai-Yan Li, Chen-Xiao Hou, Xiu-Min Li, Zhi-Yu Zhao, Ying-Jie Zhou
Impact of permissive hypercapnia on regional cerebral oxygen saturation and postoperative cognitive function in patients undergoing cardiac valve replacement
Longchang Zhu, Hongwei Shi, Cheng Zhu, Hanyu Liu, Zhonghong Su, Yamei Zhao
The method and effect of rapid establishment of a mild cognitive impairment model
Ting Chen, Qian Zhou, Dongjin Xie, Chen Ye, Linshen Huang, Xianzhong Lin, Lanying Lin
Effect of different volumes of 0.375% ropivacaine on diaphragmatic paralysis by supraclavicular brachial plexus block under ultrasound guidance
Liangguang Zhang, Rufa Pang, Long Zhang
Postoperative sufentanil intravenous patient-controlled analgesia within the first 24 hours: a retrospective study
Weishan Lee, Xiang Gao, Jie Tang, Ailun Li, Yiqi Zhu, Xiaomin Ling, Jing Cang, Fang Fang
The relationship between abnormal cortical activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus and cognitive dysfunction in patients with end- stage renal disease: a fMRI study on the amplitude of low- frequency fluctuations
Zhengzhang Gu, Haitao Lu, Hua Zhou, Jinggang Zhang, Wei Xing
Expectation of the place of care and place of death of terminal cancer patients in Hong Kong: a hospital based cross-sectional questionnaire survey
Nga Yan Yeung
Patterns and infection outcomes of bacterial colonization in patients with indwelling abdominal drains for malignant ascites
Po Chung Chan, Ka Wai Alice Cheung, Chun Hung Chan, Lie Meng Hwang, Sing Hung Lo
Classification of end-of-life decisions by Dutch physicians: findings from a cross-sectional survey
Anouk Overbeek, Veerle E. van de Wetering, Johannes J. M. van Delden, Paul A. M. Mevis, Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Liselotte Postma, Judith A. C. Rietjens, Agnes van der Heide
Patients’ views on end-of-life practices that hasten death: a qualitative study exploring ethical distinctions
Jessica E. Young, Janine Winters, Chrystal Jaye, Richard Egan
Cardiac hemodynamic response to the 6-minute walk test in patients with intestinal carcinoma undergoing bevacizumab treatment
Huiling Huang, Yalin Cao, Yugang Dong, Jiayong Li, Chen Liu, Marvin Owusu-Agyema, Yao Tong, Fengjuan Yao, Baolin Chen, Ling Li, Fawang Du, Xingwei Hu, Xing Wang, Yanhong Deng
Lung aeration and ventilation after general anesthesia in left lateral position: a prospective observational study using electrical impedance tomography
Yan Wang, Huisheng Xu, Hui Li, Baoli Cheng, Xiangming Fang
Dignity therapy for patients with brain tumours: qualitative reports from patients, caregivers and practitioners
Melissa B. Korman, Janet Ellis, Jennifer Moore, Denise Bilodeau, Sarah Dulmage, Margaret Fitch, Christina Mueller, Arjun Sahgal, Claire Moroney
Prevalence of resuscitation in cancer patients at the end of life—a population-based observational study from Germany
Burkhard Dasch, Philipp Lenz, Peter K. Zahn
Current usage status of somatostatin and its analogs and trypsin inhibitors: a real-world study of 34,654 Chinese adult patients with acute pancreatitis
Xufeng Mao, Zhangwei Yang
Temporal changes in Egr-1 and c-fos expression in rat models of myocardial ischemia
Li-Qin Zhai, Xiang-Jie Guo, Ze Li, Run-Feng Sun, Qian-Qian Jin, Ming-Zhe Liu, Hua-Lin Guo, Cai-Rong Gao
Impact of renin–angiotensin system blocker after aortic valve replacement—a systematic review and meta-analysis
Li Zeng, Junli Li, Jinghan Yang, Yanbiao Liao, Mao Chen
Environmental exposure to cooking oil fumes and fatty liver disease
Jie Lin, Saili Ni, Qili Shi, Zi Xiong, Junfei Kang, Xiaohua Sun, Yumeng Gao, Huijing Zhang, Shanyi Liu, Ting Cai, Shun Zhang
Barriers to palliative care use among surgical patients: perspectives of practicing surgeons across Michigan
Blanche Blumenthal, Christina W. Lee, C. Ann Vitous, Alexandria J. Robbins, Ana C. De Roo, Mary Byrnes, Pasithorn A. Suwanabol
Rectal diclofenac for prevention of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiography pancreatitis
Héctor F. Losada, Pablo I. San Martin, Andrés I. Troncoso, Jorge A. Silva
Evaluation of maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancy complicated with pulmonary arterial hypertension
Qian Zhou, Ping Peng, Xinyan Liu, Juntao Liu, Jinsong Gao, Weilin Chen
Changes in alkaline phosphatase, calcium, C-reactive protein, D-dimer, phosphorus and hemoglobin in elderly osteoporotic hip fracture patients
Zhineng Chen, Lili Xie, Jie Xu, Xiaofang Lin, Juncai Ye, Rongxue Shao, Xinmiao Yao
Application of procalcitonin, white blood cell count and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus with a bacterial infection
Zhihong Li, Yan Xiao, Lina Zhang
The application of multivariate adaptive regression splines in exploring the influencing factors and predicting the prevalence of HbA1c improvement
Rui Lu, Tongqing Duan, Mengyang Wang, Hongwei Liu, Siyuan Feng, Xiaowen Gong, Hui Wang, Jiao Wang, Zhuang Cui, Yuanyuan Liu, Changping Li, Jun Ma
A modified surgical technique to simplify the procedure of femoral stem implantation for an appropriate anteversion angle during endoprosthetic reconstruction
Lijun Shi, Jun Han, Lili Shi, Wei Sun, Fuqiang Gao
Chewing gum promotes bowel function recovery in elderly patients after lumbar spinal surgery: a retrospective single-center cohort study
Xing Du, Yunsheng Ou, Guanyin Jiang, Wei Luo, Dianming Jiang
Effects of exogenous probiotics on the gut microbiota and clinical outcomes in critically ill patients: a randomized controlled trial
Jie Wang, Hui Ke, Kai-Xiong Liu, Jie-Ming Qu
Impact of self-designed Ningxin Anshen Decoction on the resting-state network functional connectivity in patients with mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorders
Wenjing He, Hang Xiong, Jiangshan Fang, Hao Gu
Lactate level and unplanned readmission to the surgical intensive care unit: a retrospective cohort study
Tak Kyu Oh, Chami Im, In-Ae Song
Effect of combined treatment with pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation and sclerostin monoclonal antibody on changes in bone metabolism and pedicle screw augmentation in rabbits with ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis
Guang Qian, Minghai Wang, Youhai Dong, Yang Hong, Yueming Yu, Jiong Mei
Changes of lymphatic flow caused by core needle biopsy of axillary sentinel lymph node in a rabbit model
Yiqin Xia, Mingjie Zheng, Lie Chen, Yangyang Cui, Huaxing Huang, Peng Kong, Wenbin Zhou, Hui Xie, Shui Wang
Role of MK2 signaling pathway mediating microglia/macrophages polarization in chronic compression injury of cervical spinal cord
Lei Yu, Hongxing Song, Xiutong Fang, Yali Hu
Changes in visual function and quality of life in patients with senile cataract following phacoemulsification
Lijun He, Yinjuan Cui, Xiaoli Tang, Shu He, Xiaoyan Yao, Qin Huang, Haiyan Lei, Hui Li, Xuan Liao
Study on dosage range evaluation opioid analgesic for breakthrough pain in cancer patients: a retrospective study
Mahardian Rahmadi, Ulya Madina, Iwan Sulianto, Elfri Padolo, Chrismawan Ardianto, Dinda M. N. Ratri, Agus A. Fauzi, Suharjono
Electromagnetic navigation-assisted percutaneous endoscopic foraminoplasty and discectomy for lumbar disc herniation: technical note and preliminary results
Yongpeng Lin, Siyuan Rao, Bolai Chen, Binde Zhao, Tao Wen, Li Zhou, Guoyi Su, Yanxin Du, Yongjin Li
Remifentanil injected during analepsia shortens length of postanesthesia care unit stay in patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery for endometrial cancer: a randomized controlled trial
Lin-Jia Zhu, Si-Bi Zhang, Xiu-Hong Jiang, Yan Ni
A randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of tigecycline versus meropenem in the treatment of postoperative complicated intra-abdominal infections
Hai-Jun Wang, Xue-Zhong Xing, Shi-Ning Qu, Chu-Lin Huang, Hao Zhang, Hao Wang, Quan-Hui Yang, Zhen-Nan Yuan
Changes in self-reported physical activity and health-related quality of life following 3-month astaxanthin supplementation in patients with heart failure: results from a pilot study
Sayaki Ishiwata, Takao Kato, Takatoshi Kasai, Akihiro Sato, Shoichiro Yatsu, Hiroki Matsumoto, Jun Shitara, Azusa Murata, Megumi Shimizu, Shoko Suda, Yuya Matsue, Ryo Naito, Masaru Hiki, Hiroyuki Daida
A perspective of the relationship of serum HBV DNA and HBsAg apportioned by the same hepatic parenchyma cell volume with inflammation in the natural history of chronic hepatitis B
Lei Tan, Ze-Qian Wu, Chang Zhao, Shu-Ru Chen, Pei-Pei Wang, Zhi-Liang Gao, Dong-Ying Xie, Kun-Peng Hu, Zhi-Shuo Mo
Effect of Tang-Shen-Ning decoction on podocyte epithelial-esenchymal transformation via inhibiting Wnt/β-catenin pathway in diabetic mice
Fang-Qiang Cui, Yan-Bin Gao, Yue-Fen Wang, Yuan Meng, Zhen Cai, Cun Shen, Xin-Can Jiang, Wen-Jing Zhao
Multi-nodule of large airway: tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica
Dandan Li, Faguang Jin, Yandong Nan, Hua Jiang, Qiao Liu, Hongang Liu, Tao Xin
The utility of the adjusted-OPTIMIZE-HF risk model for predicting in-hospital length of stay in the Chinese population
Yao Wang, Yongcheng Wang, Wenbin Zhang
The clinical ability of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging to predict treatment outcomes for lumbar facet joint pain
Min Cheol Chang, You Gyoung Yi, Hea-Eun Yang, Jang Ho Lee, Ji Hwan Kim, Kyung Hee Do
Derivation and validation of a simple nomogram prediction model for all-cause mortality among middle-aged and elderly general population
Lin Liu, Kenneth Lo, Cheng Huang, Ying-Qing Feng, Ying-Ling Zhou, Yu-Qing Huang
The effect of a novel slow-flow irrigation drainage tube on anastomotic leakage and empyema after the resection of esophageal or gastroesophageal junction cancer
Fengkai Xu, Jie Gu, Yufeng Ou, Yin Li, Yiwei Chen, Di Ge, Chunlai Lu
Predictive value of ACEF score for clinical prognosis of elderly patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention
Hongwu Chen, Xiaofan Yu, Xiangyong Kong, Longwei Li, Jiawei Wu, Likun Ma
Low prognostic nutrition index predicts poorer quality of life in late-stage lung cancer
Zhaohui Zhang, Aiping Chen, Fenglan Xie, Xuefei Li, Guoxiang Hu, Gengpeng Lin
Efficacy of modified rubber band ligation in the treatment of grade III internal hemorrhoids
Lei Jin, Haojie Yang, Kaijian Qin, Ying Li, Can Cui, Renjie Wu, Zhenyi Wang, Jiong Wu
Knockdown CD44 promote the inflammatory response through the autophagy pathway in mouse models of pulmonary contusion
Songlin Yang, Xianglin Meng, Wei Yu, Dongsheng Fei, Wei Yang, Shishuai Meng, Peiyao Luo, Jianpeng Wang, Shangha Pan, Mingyan Zhao
Impact of structured advance care planning program on patients’ wish items and healthcare utilization
Kwok Ying Chan, Ho Yan Chiu, Desmond Y. H. Yap, Cho Wing Li, Terence Yip, Kwok Wai Tsang, Wai On Tam, Ho Yan Au, Chi Yan Wong, Man Lui Chan, Mau Kwong Sham
Economic burden of maintenance hemodialysis patients’ families in Nanchong and its influencing factors
Yunyan Ma, Hang Yu, Hongbing Sun, Mi Li, Li Li, Meng Qin
Efficacy and safety of docetaxel and prednisolone chemotherapy in very elderly men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) in real world: a single institute experience
Kai-Yun Wang, Liang Ma, Lan-Lan Zhang, Yi-Chao Hu, Jun-Hui Jiang, Qi Ma
Application of shear wave elastography as a diagnostic method for esophageal varices
Wei Zhao, Chen Liu, Liang Zhang, Jing Chong, Ning Yu
Risk predictive models for delirium in the intensive care unit: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Xiangping Chen, Yuewen Lao, Yi Zhang, Lijie Qiao, Yiyu Zhuang
The inhibitory effect of Gualou Guizhi Decoction on post-ischemic neuroinflammation via miR-155 in MCAO rats
Jinbo Yang, Xiaoqin Zhu, Haixia Hu, Xinjun Lin
Klebsiella pneumoniae infection associated septic pulmonary embolism in an emergency department from east China
Xiaobin Zhang, Qian Yang, Bo Gao, Jialu Wang, Lei Tian, Jia Hua, Changqing Zhu, Xiaoye Lu
Clinical characteristics and surgical treatment of spinal metastases from pancreatic cancer: a single-center retrospective study
Shuzhong Liu, Xi Zhou, An Song, Zhen Huo, Yipeng Wang, Yong Liu
Effects of anxiety, depression, and fatigue on quality of life in early esophageal cancer patients following endoscopic submucosal dissection
Yan Wu, Yin Zhang, Lili Zou
Factors associated with chronic thoracic spine and low back pain in caregivers of cancer patients
Hideaki Hasuo, Hisaharu Shizuma, Mikihiko Fukunaga
Ipsilateral ultrasound-monitoring technique for reducing malpositions of peripherally inserted central catheters in the intensive care unit
Seunghwan Song, Up Huh, Jae Il Lee, Chung Won Lee, Jung Seop Eom, Hyo-Jeong Kim, Il Jae Wang, Jae-Joon Kim
Down-regulated expression of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 in lichen simplex chronicus
Yang Qiu, Nan Tang, Wen Zhang, Jian-Xia Xiong, Li Hu, Tao Cai
Multidimensional intervention in individuals with mild cognitive impairment: a pilot nonrandomized study
Shaofang Xu, Guilin Meng, Pengfei Chen, Min Fang, Aiping Jin
Application of leukocyte subsets and sperm DNA fragment rate in infertile men with asymptomatic infection of genital tract
Kang-Sheng Liu, Xiao-Dong Mao, Feng Pan, Ya-Jun Chen
A clinical study of shoulder arthroscopic rotator cuff repair on the psychological function of patients after operation
Yan Gao, Kailun Wu, Jiongjiong Guo, Min Cheng
Hand-assisted sputum excretion can effectively reduce postoperative pulmonary complications of esophageal cancer
Wei Wang, Qi Liu, Yongkui Yu, Haibo Ma, Lei Xu, Ruixiang Zhang, Haibo Sun, Zongfei Wang, Yan Zheng, Peinan Chen, Shilei Liu, Funa Yang, Qiyun Zou, Aiying Sun, Xiaofei Chu, Chenfang Gong, Wenqun Xing
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6) inhibition modulates bone loss and matrix metalloproteinase expression levels in collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis rat
Jiangtao Guo, Xuqing Cao, Xiaoli Ma, Chunfang Hao, Lili Wu, Mingzhu Zhang, Yashan Yang, Jingtian Zhao, Kunting Chen, Zhe Yin
Tracheal stent placement provides opportunity for subsequent anti-cancer therapy for cancer patients with malignant respiratory complications
Gang Ma, Rong Yang, Baochun Gu, Daofeng Wang, Wei Liao, Xinrong He
A meta-analysis of efficacy and safety of PDE5 inhibitors in the treatment of ureteral stent-related symptoms
Dongxu Zhang, Kai Sun, Tianqi Wang, Gang Wu, Jipeng Wang, Jitao Wu, Jian Ma, Yuanshan Cui
Relationship between insulin-sensitive obesity and retinal microvascular abnormalities
Wei Lin, Huiying Rao, Huibin Huang, Jin Yao, Jixing Liang, Liantao Li, Junping Wen, Gang Chen
A prediction model of enteral nutrition complicated with severe diarrhea in ICU patients based on CD55
Yun Xie, Rui Tian, Tao Wang, Wei Jin, Yijun Hou, Zhigang Zhou, Ruilan Wang
Anxiety and depression among Tibetan inpatients with cancer: a multicenter investigation
Yang Wang, Chaorong Mei, Yan Fu, Zhiying Yue, Yu Jiang, Jiang Zhu
Characteristics of cancer patients with COVID-19 in a cancer hospital
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Enteral immunonutrition versus enteral nutrition for patients undergoing esophagectomy: a randomized controlled trial
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