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Editorial Commentary

Palliative care education for oncologists: how are we doing?
Jared R. Robbins, Deepak Kilari, Fabian Johnston

Letter to the Editor

The pain watch: it’s about time to relieve cancer pain
Luiz Guilherme L. Soares

Original Article

STAT RT: a prospective pilot clinical trial of Scan-Plan-QA-Treat stereotactic body radiation therapy for painful osseous metastases
David D. Wilson, Clayton E. Alonso, Austin J. Sim, Travis Peck, Lydia L. Handsfield, Quan Chen, Leslie Blackhall, Timothy N. Showalter, Kelli A. Reardon, Paul W. Read
Validation of Modified Breast Graded Prognostic Assessment for breast cancer patients with brain metastases: extra-cranial disease progression is an independent risk factor
Qingyuan Zhuang, Ru Xin Wong, Wei Xiang Lian, You Quan Li, Fuh Yong Wong
Perceived knowledge of palliative care among immigrants to the United States: a secondary data analysis from the Health Information National Trends Survey
Amelia Barwise, Andrea Cheville, Mark L. Wieland, Ognjen Gajic, Alexandra J. Greenberg-Worisek
Early palliative care and quality of life of advanced cancer patients—a multicenter randomized clinical trial
Vittorio Franciosi, Giuseppe Maglietta, Claudia Degli Esposti, Giuseppe Caruso, Luigi Cavanna, Raffaella Bertè, Gianpaolo Bacchini, Letizia Bocchi, Erico Piva, Michela Monfredo, Valentina Scafuri, Pamela Di Cesare, Barbara Melotti, Manuel Sequino, Anita Rimanti, Cinzia Binovi, Francesco Ghisoni, Caterina Caminiti
“I want to die in my sleep”—how people think about death, choice, and control: findings from a Massive Open Online Course
Christine Sanderson, Lauren Miller-Lewis, Deb Rawlings, Deborah Parker, Jennifer Tieman
The experiences of suffering of end-stage renal failure patients in Malaysia: a thematic analysis
Tan Seng Beng, Loh Ai Yun, Liew Xin Yi, Loo Hui Yan, Ng Kok Peng, Lim Soo Kun, Sheriza Izwa Zainuddin, Loh Ee Chin, Lam Chee Loong

Review Article

Immunotherapy and radiotherapy for metastatic cancers
Andrew Bang, Jonathan D. Schoenfeld
Defining the radiation oncologist’s role in palliative care and radiotherapy
Tai Chung Lam, Yolanda Tseng
Radiation oncology resident education in palliative care
Pericles J. Ioannides, Randy L. Wei
Global palliative radiotherapy: a framework to improve access in resource-constrained settings
Shekinah N. C. Elmore, Surbhi Grover, Jean-Marc Bourque, Supriya Chopra, Anna Mary Nyakabau, Christian Ntizimira, Eric L. Krakauer, Tracy A. Balboni, Mary K. Gospodarowicz, Danielle Rodin
Palliative radiation oncology programs: design, build, succeed!
Candice Johnstone
Palliative radiotherapy: history, recent advances, and future directions
Stephen T. Lutz
Communication skill frameworks: applications in radiation oncology
Emily J. Martin, Shayna E. Rich, Joshua A. Jones, Kavita V. Dharmarajan
Benzodiazepines and/or neuroleptics for the treatment of delirium in palliative care?—a critical appraisal of recent randomized controlled trials
Jan Gaertner, Steffen Eychmueller, Thomas Leyhe, Daniel Bueche, Egemen Savaskan, Mathias Schlögl