Slowing down
Psalm of Life

Slowing down

Marie Sok Hui Lim

Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, Colchester, UK

Correspondence to: Marie Sok Hui Lim. Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, Colchester, UK. Email:

Submitted May 10, 2018. Accepted for publication May 11, 2018.

doi: 10.21037/apm.2018.05.11

The process of change is never easy
Bidding farewell to the acute medical wards and
On to palliative care.

From the endless days of bloody battle
Crying, confused, complex

Fought tooth and nail for an answer
I was a panacea to all
And in their hope I despaired.

Calm. Serenity. Peace.
The oasis of purple butterflies
And yet, in their despair I found hope
Tales of the golden age and blue skies

“Soft heart, soft medicine, soft brains”
Labels for those with a proclivity to such arts.
Whispered conversations in the corridors

But there is strength in an eagle’s wings
Gliding across the open sea
With merely the lightest structures guiding its path.

As the heavens created diversity among dogs

Gifting strength and speed to those so inclined
Let us embrace the goldens
Soft noses scenting the hope for the future




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