Article Abstract

Adverse reactions and their management in the treatment of malignant tumors using cytokine-induced killer cells

Authors: Chao-Xian Yan, Hua-Man Zhang, Rui Chen, Jin-Ping Tang, Tao-Mei Yang, Lu-Ping Xie


Objective: To identify the causes and the corresponding management of adverse reactions during the treatment of malignant tumors using cytokine-induced killer cells.

Methods: From January 2012 to December 2012, 441 patients received a total of 1,393 autologous cytokine-induced killer cell transfusion cycles in our department. The adverse reactions after the procedures were observed (assessed using the National Cancer Institute Common Toxicity version 2.0), and targeted care and health education were delivered by nurses.

Results: All treatment sessions were successfully completed, and the following adverse reactions were found: grade 1/3 fever in 1.36% (19/1,393) patients; grade 2/3 fever in 0.86% (12/1,393) patients; grade 2/3 chills in 0.65% (9/1,393) patients; and grade 1/3 dizziness in 0.29% (4/1,393) patients.

Conclusions: After timely intervention of the adverse reactions, all patients were treated successfully. The best timing of the CIK cell therapy for cancer patients is when the tumor burden, or the number of tumor cells, reaches the minimal level after the end of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.