Article Abstract

Symptomatic palliation with radiotherapy in extensive heterotopic ossifications

Authors: Mary Jiayi Tao, Linda Probyn, Michael Poon, Hans Kreder, Bo Angela Wan, Patrick Diaz, Edward Chow


Heterotopic ossification (HTO) is the dystrophic formation of mature lamellar bone outside the confines of normal osseous tissues. It is frequently a complication which occurs following traumatic insult, both iatrogenic and non-iatrogenic, and neurological compromise. While mild degree of disease is often asymptomatic, significant pain and mobility limitations may result in reduced quality of life in advanced cases. Currently, the commonly accepted management for patients experiencing significant symptomatic HTOs is a combination therapy of surgical excision with prophylactic radiotherapy in the immediate perioperative period. In this article, we present a patient who achieved satisfactory pain relief and improvements in overall quality of life with the sole use of external beam radiation to illustrate the possibility of using radiotherapy alone for symptomatic management of HTO.