Article Abstract

Promotion of case management with coordinated care for fatigued patients with advanced cancer

Authors: Jaw-Shiun Tsai, Ching-Yu Chen


Since advanced cancer patients suffer from physical, psychosocial, and spiritual distress as a result of multiple organ failure, the symptom burden is so heavy that one of their main wishes is to be comfortable and symptom-free at the end stage of their lives (1). Thus, tailored symptom management is the basis to improve the quality of life in their last period of life. The overall prevalence of fatigue in patients with advanced cancer is 74% (2). It appears to be more severe in patients who have worse performance status or more extensive disease (3). Thus, fatigue is one of the most pervasive symptoms experienced by patients with advanced cancer. In addition, it has a great impact on cancer patients’ quality of life, and may even increase the risk of suicide (4). Therefore, it is an urgent issue to alleviate fatigue of patients with advanced cancer.