Article Abstract

Clinical presentations of below knee bone metastases: a case series

Authors: Matthew Choi, Linda Probyn, Leigha Rowbottom, Rachel McDonald, Adam Bobrowski, Stephanie Chan, Pearl Zaki, Angela Turner, Edward Chow


Bone metastases are a common complication of advanced malignancy; however, presentation of below-the-knee metastases, particularly affecting the fibula and tibia, are infrequently observed in both the clinical setting and the literature, and present a therapeutic challenge to patients and physicians alike. Due to the weight-bearing capacity of bones below-the-knee, the disruption of the structural and functional integrity of these bones can reduce mobility and thus quality of life. Treatment options for these patients include surgery, radiotherapy, and/or chemotherapy. Candidates for surgery typically have affected weight-bearing bones. For patients not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy is prescribed for pain relief and bone remineralization. Herein, we report four cases in which two female and two male patients developed painful below knee metastases. Orthopedic surgery was consulted for all cases. Two patients underwent surgical fixation followed by radiotherapy, while the other two received palliative radiotherapy alone.